Fair Play is a young agency providing business services to companies working in Serbia. It was established in 2010 by leading specialists with over 50 years of practice in supporting businesses. Core consultants and project managers have experience from both private and public sectors allowing more efficient operation on the market.

Agency's existing network of part time consultants includes various industry specialist, engineers, analysts and lawyers. Our flat, project oriented organization allows quick assembly of team that has proven to deliver results. This way we can take care of clients' needs swiftly and cost effectively.

We are led by the idea of Fair Play. To us it means doing business responsibly, creatively, respectfully and with integrity. We emphasize importance of developing business in win-win situation for both us and the clients.

Four principal areas in which Fair Play is supporting its customers are business services, trade fairs, investment management and graphic design. The agency aims to serve as a "one-stop-shop" for business expanding to new markets. From finding a partner, to presenting your company or landing an investment you can count on the team that delivers.